Monday, 8 August 2011

How To Draw A Portrait

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Finally! You Can Now Draw Like A Master...
Let Me Show You How To Draw A Portrait Like A Master With My "Truly" Step-by-Step Guide... And Help You To Achieve Your Dream To Become A Master Pencil Artist-- Without Wasting Your Precious Time Going Through Years Of Trials And Errors...
ask yourself these questions:
-Have you ever felt stuck? That you weren't fulfilling your artistic potential?

-How long have you been trying to learn how to draw a portrait like a master, but couldn't breakthrough your current level of pencil portrait drawing?

-Have you been spending most of your time practicing without attaining the results you want?

-Have you been looking at some pencil portraits over and over again, wondering how can I draw like that?

-Have you kept searching for the right pencil drawing techniques everywhere, but ended up just reading a lot of descriptions that did not help?

-Have you thought that the only way to reach a "master level" was with natural talent? Or that only people with an art degree from a university or art school can be artists?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you've came to the right place to learn how to draw a portrait.
ANYONE can learn to draw a realistic pencil portrait regardless of their current talent, skills, and techniques.
Lesson #1: How To Draw A Realistic Eye Like A Master
-To draw a realistic eye, it is important to observe it very closely. Consequently it's imperative that they are drawn correctly and in such a way to convey the feeling of your subject.
Lesson #2: How To Draw A Realistic Nose Like A Master
-The nose is one of the most noticeable features in pencil portrait drawing. Its central location makes it impossible to hide your mistakes.
Lesson #3: How To Draw A Realistic Mouth And Teeth Like A Master
-When you know how to draw a realistic mouth, you add so much expressive impact to your subjects. The mouth isn't just an afterthought, but rather an expressive part of the face.
Lesson #4: How To Draw A Realistic Ear Like A Master
-Ears can be drawn with varying degrees of complexity. Although there are many types of ears, most have the same common shape.
Lesson #5: How To Draw Realistic Hair Like A Master
-I often hear my students say that they hate drawing hair. I love drawing hair and making my pencil portrait drawing look realistic. And I have been trying to find a whole new way of drawing realistic hair.
The secrets of how to draw a portrait like a master are yours in just 5 minutes from now!
'Realistic Pencil Portrait Mastery Home-Study Course' is available via instant download!
You can be learning this home course at the comfort of your home and be well on your way to go for the next "real master level" and begin to create stunning pencil portraits from now.
There are total of 208 pages, 605 of illustrations, and images-- to guide you step-by-step with descriptions through the entire home-study course.
As you can see, I'm giving away everything that you need to know how to draw a portrait

    Some of our Testimonials:
I have bought this course because I wanted to be able to draw realistic portraits and I felt that I did not have the skills to produce a beautiful realistic portrait.
This course has been a great help, although I still need loads of practice I feel that I have learned so much through following this course in techniques and observation. The lessons are so easy to follow especially with the aid of the process maps which show which steps to tackle next.
The reference photos are also a great help to those who need material to work from, I myself preferred to use my own photos to work from as they are of more interest to me personally.
I thought that this course would be benefit from a section on how to draw/trace the head before you add the features. When I wrote to Christopher about this he answered promptly and suggested ways of doing this and even sent me a video link to help me with this process.
I feel that my work has improved a great deal since I started this course and I still use it as reference whenever I work on a new portrait. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to draw truly realistic portraits from photographs.
- Miriam Borg, Malta
Before taking your course I likened my pencil drawing to reasonable yet it never ever turned out the way that I had hoped. Yet within the first couple of weeks, spending a couple of hours a day, I have noticed a 100% improvement and a much better liking to taking up the pencil.
Just by following the steps laid down by you I have found the professional within me especially when doing eyes, ears, and noses, my next step forward is to start making hair look more realistic.
I have searched so many sites on the internet for so many years (wasting my time really) to try and better my drawing/sketching style but have never succeeded getting pasted the flat 2D outcome; that is until I tried using your methods of doing things. his is exactly what I have been searching for and with time on my hands I have the outcome I have always wanted.
Thank you once again for a most worth-while course; one that I would advise anyone who wants to better their drawing/sketching techniques and bring out the hidden professional within them.
many thanks
- Harry Norton, N.Ireland
I have much pleasure in commending your book on drawing realistic portraits! So much information and the step by step instructions/drawings to draw individual features I cannot praise enough. I have bought many books on drawing but yours is superlative. Many congratulations. I cannot add anything negative.
- Maxine, UK

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